Thursday, September 29, 2011

I see, now, how so many of my friends that Blog aren't able to post daily or even weekly.  Being immersed in a project and life's daily routine, I just didn't carve out time to post anything for 2 weeks.   Hopefully, I can work on that and post more often.  LOL  (we'll see)    The Thank You Notes for the wedding are finished and pass my multiple inspections.    Place Cards are next but those will be done as I receive the confirmed names!

Training for the 30 Oct 2011 Marine Corps Marathon came to a halt yesterday - well kind of.  I have a bunion that is preventing me from walking/training.  Saw a Podiatrist yesterday and for 2 weeks I should cross train at swimming or biking and gradually add in walking.  Will see her again and re-evaluate my foot condition.

I'm heading home this weekend.  Raymond and I have a wedding to attend and then lunch with some close friends on Sunday.   And it's NCAA Rivalry Weekend:   FL vs AL.  Both teams are undefeated.   So sad that one of my favorite teams has to lose.  And it is the same time as the wedding - sure glad they will re-run the game locally.  Think I'll be watching the re-run?  That's hard to do, especially when I'll know the scores via Sports Tap on my Android.

Back to the drawing board.   Might deliver some cards to my local Art Gallery for the Fall.  And, of course, working on getting Christmas cards ready to be delivered.

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