Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back Home after a wonderful trip.

10 days away was a blast.  5 days in DC for the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon.   I ended up finishing 16.5 out of the 26.2 miles - I'm sure I almost killed my knees due to compensating due to the bunion.   I may have to try the new shoes that fit your feet like a glove...vs having a shoe bend on top of the hurt area.   Really would like to get my foot better and finish 1 marathon, then I'll stick to shorter races -- but definitely going to keep on walking.   Just feels good.   My husband, Raymond finished the race - his 1st ever marathon in 4:34:52 and our daughter did a personal record with 4:11:?.   Susan had some knee issues but she was able to finish.

Raymond and I enjoyed DC and the drive back to Jax.  Went through some of the Smokey Mountains - saw Snow, lots of Deer grazing on the grass along the road, beautiful leaves.   Since being home, I've turned my sights on getting The Etsy Shop open and posted the first Note Card today.   More cards to come.   Hope to have them posted in next two days.

How is your Fall going?   Hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks from now.  What kinds of special foods do you cook once a year?   Would love to hear your traditions.

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