Friday, April 27, 2012

Another attempt at keeping my Blog going!   LOL
I cannot believe I haven't posted since the end of November.  Time is flying!   We had a wonderful Thankgsiving and Christmas and the New Year began.

I planned my trip to TX to spend time with Dad and Jerry/Barbara at the River.  What a great place to relax.    Even though Dad was continuing to email daily we all knew he was getting closer to moving to an assisted living center - especially when he ask to move.   He wanted to be around more people.   So, my focus was checking out ALC's near Sugar Land so Jerry could visit often after work.    But, on 6 January Dad drove himself to the ER.   Turned out his BP and Blood Sugar was 'out of whack', as they called it so he was admitted to ICU.   After a few weeks in the ICU and Nursing Home, things stabilized, we got him moved to a ALC.   He and I spent a great afternoon hanging pictures on the wall and decorating his room (he was supervising).  He spent less than a week at the ALC before he was back in ICU.   God had other plans.   On 14 February 2012, he went home to be with the Lord.     Thanks to friends and family the details of the next few weeks went smoothly, but somewhat in a blur.     The full military funeral was amazing and lots of Dad's friends shared wonderful stories with us.     After spending most of Jan and Feb, I returned home 27 February.

John Porter Richardson  12 August 1923  - 14 February 2012
Unbeknownst to our kids, Raymond and I decided to buy our 'Dream RV Rig' and began the processing in December, 2011.    We've been researching, attending RV Conventions, Rallies, Heavy Duty Truck/RV Rallies since mid 2007 trying to absorb all that we can.   The 1st HDT that Raymond drove (2nd one I drove) came available, along with a 36' DRV Mobile Suites and a Blue Smart Car.    After many prayers we decided this was the RIG for us.   Our friends George & Diane upgraded the DRV beyond anything we could have imagined and it was like stepping into a brand new RV.   After months and months of processing, many long distances phone calls (since this was going on the whole time I was in TX), we signed the deal on 14 March 2012.     Due to work schedule, we took possession on 23 March and spent our first weekend with George teaching us as much as possible about the Volvo/RV that we could absorb.   We stayed at "FL Gateway Resort, Jasper, FL, and then George and Diane drove with us to Jacksonville.    Raymond took to driving the Rig (picture below)- like a duck takes to water.

We've spent time getting the RV supplies in place and today we will put the finishing touches in it.  I've changed the decor from the normal RV fabric to a brighter fabric on the Valances and leather fabric on the dining room chairs.   Tonight we leave for our first WEEK long adventure to the 2012 East Coast Rally in Crossville, TN.    Our plan is to head out tonight, sleep in the Volvo in a rest area or Flying J, and then tomorrow on the road.   Our friends Davena, Henry and her Mom Kitty are at our home in Oak Hill and will join us on the road Saturday and caravan on to Crossville with us.    Can't wait to see them.    Looking forward to our first RV Adventure!!!!

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