Tuesday, October 23, 2012

23 October 2012 Oak Hill, FL Beautiful, Sunny and 82

It's been a fast six months with lots of events along the way.   7 April  Vanessa, Raymond and I entered the Navy 10K at Jax NAS and all 3 of us placed.  Raymond and Vans 2nd and I did 3rd place.   That's always a FUN race.     Then on the 21st we did the Orange Park 8K, Vans came in 3rd, I did 10th and Raymond and Sergei 11th place.   Not bad...and another fun race along the St Johns River.
27 April - 6 May Raymond and I are on our 1st week + of RVing.      See Raymond is so comfortable driving the Volvo, he has his coffee in hand (other times it's the remote to the radio...flipping channels - yes, folks there is a remote to the radio in our truck   LMAO).  The 2nd and 3rd photo's are our Rig and the view from our window.   And, last but not least, our RDBE get-together.   RDBE, you might be might be wondering = Rigs Driven By Estrogen.   You'd be amazed at how many of the women RVers actually drive our Rigs.

The week flew by with Raymond and I hoping between now and retirement would fly by, and most likely it will.   We have lots of projects to be done at home in Jax and at the Homebase in Oak Hill, FL.

9 June 2012 Raymond and I did another race.   Never Quit Never at Jacksonville Beach.  If you don't know anything about this race it's interesting to read it's history.   http://neverquitnever.com/

RV Pad and Extended Driveway opening are finished in Oak Hill and the Rig is backed onto it's new pad.    1 less project to do.

July brought a whole new set of changes in our household.   Vanessa got a promotion and will be moving to Salt Lake City, Utah maybe as early as August.   What a great opportunity although we will miss she and the dogs.    So, we began doing some things around Jax and Oak Hill before she leaves, including going to a Jaguars vs NYGiants pre-season game.   It was fun, but reminded me why I gave up our season tickets years ago.   Vans and I had a blast, though.

1 September Midnight - Vanessa had her last day at work in the Jacksonville office - I loaded the dogs and picked her up from work at midnight and we headed off to Utah.    We drove 21 hours to Overland Park, KS.   Arrived around 7pm - off the road just about sundown - and enjoyed a hot shower after a good, quick walk with the dogs, and then a nice long sleep.    About 10 hours the next day and we arrived at Sergei's home in Denver for 2 night's of rest.  He was a great host and showed us/me lots of sights.   Went to my first IKEA and REI stores - all I can say is "WOW".

5 September our last leg of the trip to Clearfield, UT.     I stayed til 22 September and during that time we got her apartment fully unpacked and everything in it's place, she bought furniture, etc.   And, we got out to explore nearby cities, sights, mountain peaks, downtown, etc.    Top two sunset pictures are from the Bike/Walking path that runs over 40 miles in length from Clearfield to SLC.  Left is a view of the Great Salt Lake!

Vanessa and I hiked Frary Peak on Antelope Island.  6,596 feet to the Summit.   Exhausting because I'm not in shape for hiking - but soooo glad I pushed and reached the top.

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